ScanBite is the only app that will help you find out what's really in your food and help you BEAT THE LABELS.


We have all been there, trying to eat healthier and so we start to look at the food labels so we can make better choices only to find terms that we don't understand! It can be very frustrating and in most cases stops us from achieving our health and fitness goals as most of these products have hidden sugars and fats! But guess what… All that is about to change. You are now going to be able to beat the labels and find out what's really in your foods. Simply scan any barcode or food label and the app will tell you what the ingredients really mean. THAT EASY!

Take back control

Food companies have been making us overweight for years and have used our lack of knowledge of food to exploit us. We believe that people who struggle with their weight are getting a raw deal because of the hidden sugars and fats in products that we all find hard to identify. With ScanBite you will now be able to take control of your health and fitness properly!

Join The Community

On top of being able to beat the labels with our app you will also have access to nutritional and fitness articles. This will help you to learn more about nutrition and training so you can improve in the areas that you need to  . There is also a supportive fitness community within the app to help you along the way.

Comparing Products made easier !

Saving you time and keeping you informed