ScanBite is the only app that will help you find out what's really in your food and help you BEAT THE LABELS.


A small Company with Huge Plans. Our aims are simple .. to transform our user's lives through clear and informative presentation of important information. If you have an allergy or simply want to avoid a certain ingredient then a quick scan of the barcode will give you an alert if it contains that ingredient. If you are trying to reduce fat intake then we give you an alert if you have scanned a product with high fat content.
Eveyone knows that sugar can have a severe impact on our health. But sugars come under many different names, we identify the sugars in the product and enable you to make an informed choice.


I am in love with health and fitness. I have been training for many years and have advised/trained many people over the years. I have a degree in Accounting from the University of Essex and have a keen interest in business. I like to read about business and fitness, not really into much else!


I love technology and enjoy finding solutions to problems. I am able to develop on the server and mobile, with over 30 years of experience. There is a wealth of information on food out there, my task is to exract it from various sources and present it to the users in a readable form.

Comparing Products made easier !

Saving you time and keeping you informed